Zoom Whitening

Zoom Whitening Consultation:

Prior to Zoom whitening, your dentist will have to perform a complete dental exam to ensure that your gums and teeth are healthy. Your dentist will also discuss your dental hygiene and lifestyle to guarantee that Zoom whitening is an effective solution for you.  In doing so, your dentist will be able to best determine which whitening product will be best suited for you. Your dentist will also present to you a shade chart to better help you understand where your current shade stands and the results you can expect with treatment.

Patients considering other cosmetic procedures such as dental veneers or composite bonding will likely be advised to undergo whitening in order to achieve the best match between restorations and the natural teeth, as the restorations are not affected by the whitening process. Your dentist will also notify you if any prominent existing restorations in your smile may need to be changed, as they will not respond to the bleaching. Zoom whitening may also best suggested following the removal of orthodontics. Zoom whitening, depending on the state of your oral health, may be a great solution to achieving the smile you always wanted!

Zoom In-Office Whitening Procedure

Prior to your Zoom whitening, your dentist will schedule a cleaning to be performed in order to maximize results of treatment. The entire Zoom whitening procedure is completed within one hour. Preparation for treatment will require the isolation of the teeth, ensuring that the gums and lips are covered to prevent contact with the bleaching solution. Your dentist or dental assistant will then begin applying the Zoom gel accompanied by the Zoom light to effectively penetrate the enamel layer to break up and eliminate even the deepest set stains.

The hydrogen peroxide gel is allowed to safely remain on the teeth for 15 minute intervals along with the Zoom light. During this part of your treatment you may watch TV, listen to music or simply relax. The entire procedure consists of three 15 minute sessions for a total of 45 minutes, the first 15 being allotted for preparation. Some patients may experience sensitivity, or strong gag reflex and may not wish to complete all three sessions in one appointment. Upon completion of your treatment, fluoride toothpaste is applied to the teeth to help relieve sensitivity.

Preserving Teeth Whitening Results:

In order to best preserve your Zoom results, patients will be given a Zoom whitening maintenance kit using customized whitening trays for at home use. Your dentist will explain when and how the kit should be used. Following the bleaching of your teeth, your teeth may be sensitive and temporarily more susceptible to staining. During this time it is highly recommended to avoid consuming staining foods and drink to avoid discoloration.

Products containing tobacco will stain teeth even following whitening treatments and so your dentist will advise you to quit the habit. Proper oral hygiene should also be maintained (regular brushing and flossing after meals) to hinder the formation of new stains as well as visiting your dentist for regular cleanings.

Remember, Zoom whitening will remove existing stains and leave your teeth looking whiter, it is not a permanent solution to tooth discoloration and will not prevent new stains from forming. Only the practice of proper oral hygiene can guarantee that stains and discoloration be kept at bay. Oral health products containing whitening agents such as toothpaste and rinses may be suggested by your dentist to aid in the preservation of your newly improved smile.


In many cases, patients report sensitivity to treatment. The Zoom activation light gives off a slight heat and may cause discomfort. Minor tingling may be experienced immediately following the procedure. However this discomfort will soon wear off. Sensitivity toothpastes such as Sensodyne may also be used to alleviate sensitivity.

As with all whitening products, Zoom whitening is not advised for patients under the age of 13 or women who are breastfeeding. Depending on oral health, Zoom whitening may be more effective for some patients than others. Ask your dentist today if Zoom whitening is an available option for you.

Zoom Whitening Cost:

The general cost for Zoom whitening treatment is about $500; this cost includes the take-home maintenance kit for best results. Tooth whitening is classified under cosmetic dentistry and is not covered by dental insurance